Since then we managed to renovate the school and create a youth project centre here with sleeping rooms, workshop and chill-out rooms, kitchen, bathroom and toilets. Two youth projects were already held here and also some activities for the local community.

In the near future (this and next years) we plan to build 7 small cottages in the school yard. The buildings will be created using natural methods (clay, straw, wood).

We, Dorota and Jakub are a couple and foundation board members who live in the flat above the school. We have two dogs. Sometimes there are other volunteers and friends living here with us for some time or longer.


Our organization was established for those major reasons:

  • to promote simple and ecological way of life,
  • to make space for creative ecological and social solutions,
  • to develop the local community by offering them space and opportunity to boraden their horizons, and also give them work
  • to work with the local youth and children
  • to be a meeting place for international projects.

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